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Polycarbonate sheet flat

Polycarbonate flat sheets are unique products with a high safety factor and an ideal product for glass replacement uses. In addition to low weight and color stability, these sheets have a very high impact resistance and are almost unbreakable and reduce the risks of glass breakage to zero in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes. Since these sheets are very easy to use and install, they can be used as an alternative to glass, safety shields, sound walls, windows and skylights, pedestrian bridges, bus stations, automotive industries, etc. Is used. Higher thicknesses of these sheets are resistant to bullets and are recommended for all places that have the potential for physical damage, such as banks, jewelry stores, museums, money transfer sites, etc. . Polycarbonate flat sheets are produced and supplied in a transparent, colored form in thicknesses of 2-16 mm and dimensions of 305 × 205 cm.



The flat sheets of Yazd Golden Polymer Company have such a diamond with high light transmission percentage, smooth and transparent surface with shiny surfaces. These products show exceptional performance even in high and low temperature ranges. The advantages of flat sheets include excellent mechanical properties, excellent sound, heat and electrical insulation. Other advantages of these pages include the following:

  • Exceptional performance at high and low temperatures (in the temperature range of -40 to 120 ° C)
  • Easy recyclability
  • Very high impact resistance, up to about 250 times glass, almost non-brittle
  • Usually non-flammable
  • Easy to use and install
  • Excellent thermal and electrical insulation
  • Light weight (approximately 1.2 times the weight of a glass with the same dimensions), which makes these plates easy to carry and install.
  • Its safe radius of curvature is about 175 times its thickness.




  • sound barrier
  • Construction
  • Transportation Industry
  • Alternative uses of glass
  • Function of safety glass, safety shields, elevator car, guard rooms
  • Ceiling windows, partitions, decorative domes, chamber construction
  • Outdoor or indoor stadiums
  • Lighting and skylights
  • Partitioning and separating
  • Industrial Parts

Message from head manger

Polymer Talaei Yazd  Company hopes that in the year of production boom, it will be able to free the country from importing similar and low quality products by expanding the scope of its products and provide a service, albeit a small one, in order to promote the construction and agricultural industries.


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