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Which are in compatible products with high safety coefficient are idea in glass usage. As well as lightweight and color consistency their high shock resistance makes the sheets almost unbreakable , and there in natural disasters like earthquake there will be no danger of glass breakage. As they are easily installed , they can be used for windows, patios , pedestrian bridges , bus station and in car manufacture . thicker sheets are bullet proof and are recommended to be used in places such as bank , jewelry , museum , money transferring . Float polycarbonate sheets are produced and supplied in colored , opaque and transparent with 2.12 mm thickness and 205 x 205 mm dimension Advantages : The sheets produced in Polymer Talayi Yazd Company have high visual sparking as diamonds , crystal clear surface These are products function very well even in extreme temperature changes. The benefits of usage these products are extra mechanical , thermal and electrical properties . Other advantages of the sheets are as follows :

 Polymethyl methacrylate is one of the best-known polymers that has been used with various applications instead of glass in windows making industry and glazing. This material is one of the strongest and firmest polymers with the higher transparency then glass , shiny and glossy . it is good to be mentioned that polymethel methacrylate sheets vastly applied in manufacturing of plane windows . .

 Polymer Talayi Yazd Company with a good record on manufacturing Polycarbonates sheets , can produce flat safety and secured sheets with the aid of advanced machinery and modern technology. That made the company one of the pioneers of this industry. The company one of the guarantees any discoloring caused by sun light radiation , non-constancy of brightness and clearness of sheets and secure and safety tests. Due to the unique and multilayered structure of against physical hits and shoot by hand-held weapons and there is no way to be broken , shattered or layered. This product are suitable for security usage such as prisons , banks , governmental equipment and and buildings Recently they are vastly used for warehouses protect cabin for workers in gas stations , in money transferring places. Other places that these sheets can be used are mental hospitals, places that have potential for physical hits , schools and organizations , protect windows , bus and train windows police kiosks and box offices. Unfortunately because of increase in rate of crime and other security matters it can be claimed that these days it is a need to use these equipment for safety and security. By knowing the need and using modern technology of the world Polymer Talayi Yazd company have manufactured these protected . it is obvious that other materials don't have lightness and transparency of Polycarbonate sheets . in this company the flat Polycarbonate sheets with particular grades are laminated by special adhesives like Polytheran. In comparison with other safety equipment . lightness of this product makes it easy to transfer and construct, and that is how this product become one of the most used in security and safety industrial. Various products : Security product of Polymer Talayi Yazd Company are manufactured in tow grades of general protection and military protection. The general one is used in protection and related equipment , detention and prison glazing , commercial and military cabins and kiosks mental hospital anti-riot equipment , bank and…. . The other military one is safety and vastly used in bullet-proof protection


  • The polycarbonate multilayered sheets produced in Polymer Talayi Yazd Company are protected against ultra violet radiation by a UV absorbent co-extrude cover.
  • Because of the special structure of these sheets , they became the first choice in light transmission structures and energy saving.
  • Some other advantages of these sheets are high flexibility , easy usage and installation and highly appropriate shock resistance.
  • These sheets are generally used for ceiling and pedestrian bridges, factory buildings and particularly green houses.
  • The sheets are made and supplied in dimension of 600x 210 centimeters variety of colors.



Polymer Talaei Yazd  Company is the second largest producer of RFX sheets in the world.



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Polymer Talaei Yazd  Company hopes that in the year of production boom, it will be able to free the country from importing similar and low quality products by expanding the scope of its products and provide a service, albeit a small one, in order to promote the construction and agricultural industries.


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